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Starting the weekend off right March 7, 2009

Posted by goirishgorebels in Training Update.

Talk about starting the weekend off right.  Got up at 6:30, shower and some fruit for breakfast and I was on my way an hour later.  The motivation factor for today’s ride was the girl’s soccer practices.  They both had practice today at 9:00 down at Southwest Community College so Lisa was going to take the girls and I would meet them there.  An hour and fifteen minutes later and 15.5 miles on the road, I made to practice on time. 

I took about an hour break and was on my way back home.  The winds was at my back this time and I was making pretty good progress.  About halfway home and the legs really started to burn and cramp a little.  With some Buffet and Skynard in the ears, I was alright.

All in all, pretty good start to the weekend.  Hope everyone has a good weekend.



1. Janice Lamer and family - March 8, 2009

My little bro,
I always knew you had a big heart growing up, who would have known the journey that God had planned for you. You are such a wonderful father, and family man. Stay focused on your personal goals, enjoy Gods creation of nature while riding the streets. I am proud of you for embarking on this new adventure, not only getting physically fit for yourself, but to do it with all your heart for the love of Brianna and her future, as well as the future of other Type 1 patients. Love you with all our hearts and will be praying for God’s guidance with you on this journey.

2. Olivia Hall - March 9, 2009

Dear MR. Williams,

Your blog is great. I liked the YouTube video too. Brianna is lucky to have a Dad like you. Keep up the good work. I hope you post more.

Olivia Hall

goirishgorebels - March 9, 2009

Hi Ms. Olivia. Thank you so much for your kind words. I will keep posting things on the blog and I hope you enjoy them. It’s friends like you that really keep Brianna smiling. You are a sweet girl and a good friend. Enjoy the blog. I should have some pictures on here in the next week or two. Have a great Spring Break.

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