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Weekend update March 22, 2009

Posted by goirishgorebels in General.

Hello everyone.  I hope you are enjoying this weekend.  I love the spring weather!

I got two rides in this weekend.  I was shooting for three, but the rain Saturday had other plans for me.  I decided to take a different route Friday.  I wasn’t quite ready to encounter the dogs again.  I took a more scenic route up Chambers Chapel.  If you’re not familiar with this road, it’s a two lane with a lot of trees.

My plan was to go on a group ride with RB’s Cycling “C” Group.  This is an introductory group which averages a speed between 12-14 mph.  The distance starts off at 20 miles and will grow throughout the summer.  Well, it was cold and a light rain was in the area.  So, they cancelled the ride.  I decided to ride some so I road for about 3 miles and decided it was too cold for me.  Two minutes after getting back to the car to load my bike, the rain started to fall pretty hard.  Good timing.

Sunday brought some warm weather so after church, I got on the bike.  I took the same route where I encountered the dog.  No dog today, but believe me, I was keeping my eye out.  I took a detour which led me to the sprawling metropolis of Galloway.  Though a very small town, it’s nice to see small town America on a bike.  I took a 5 minute break to stretch, drink, and eat at the 16 mile point.  Overall, this was a 25 mile ride, so this was pretty much my longest ride without taking a considerable break.  Needless to say, my bottom hurt some.  I gotta do more of these so I can get used to it.

Next week will be a tough one schedule wise.  We have soccer just about every day, but I’m shooting for three rides.  I’m gonna go for 30 miles next Sunday, so I hope the weather cooperates.  Until then, have a great week.



1. audreymarie - March 23, 2009

You are making great progress!!! You need to get Erik to ride with you sometime. Madeline had soccer in the rain and freezing weather Saturday. She was covered in mud. You can imagine how miserable I was in the cold and rain and mud. She did score, though.
Keep up the good work, Brian!

goirishgorebels - March 24, 2009

That’s great. Too bad Eric wasn’t here to see it. Did you video or get pictures? Tell her great job.

I’m gonna go for 30 this weekend if the weather holds up.

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