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Started the day cloudy and cold. Ended the day sunny and warm March 30, 2009

Posted by goirishgorebels in General.

I woke up with serious doubts about getting a ride in over the weekend.  It was 45 degrees and cloudy.  We drove out to Miss Sipps in Millington to support the singing group which my dad is involved.  By the time we finished there, the sun was coming out.  I watched some of the Louisville game (the Cards got beat, yeah!) then made up my mind to get out.  I brought my camera this time, so take a look at the Photos section of the blog.  I didn’t get too many and they weren’t the most interesting.  It’s hard to take pictures while riding and stopping to take pictures breaks up the flow.  However, I wanted to get a few to people could see some of the sites.  I was going to stop where that dog met up with me, but when I passed the house, he and a buddy were playing, so I decided to keep on riding and hope they didn’t want to include me in their fun.  I got to the 10 mile mark and decided to go a different way back.  I took Oor Rd. to Harrell Rd.  It has some good hills.  My plan was to ride 30 miles today and I did it.  On my way back down Memphis Arlington, I turned and headed South on Chambers Chapel.  There is one pretty tough hill towards the end of the road and this put me at about 25 miles, so I was pretty tired.  I had ridden Chambers several times lately and decided this time I was going to go up that hill and when I hit Hwy. 64, I was going to enjoy going down it too!  When I finally reached home and got off the bike, I had ridden 32.5 miles.  This is my personal best.  It won’t last long, though.



1. john capocaccia - April 1, 2009

Great to read your comments about the bike rides. You need a riding buddy and a good can of pepper spray to fend off all of your new friends
along the way. Congratulations on reaching your goal.
I admire your commitment.


2. goirishgorebels - April 2, 2009

Thank you, Buddy. You had a lot to do with reaching the goal. I appreciate all you do for JDRF! You gonna ride with me?

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