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Feeling good about the progress April 11, 2009

Posted by goirishgorebels in General.

I am feeling very pumped up right now.  I am staying on target with my mileage.  Increasing by 5 miles each week.  I road 41 miles today and felt like I could have done some more.  Brianna asked, “Why didn’t you keep going?”.  I told her I felt just as good about coming home to take a rest.

It was a great day.  The weather was a perfect blue sky  with temps in the mid 60’s.  I took Hwy. 64 into the town of Oakland.  That’s just about 20 miles.  I took a little break to eat and drink something, then got back on the road to head home.  It was a little breezy heading up, so I was hoping the way back would be a little better.  Well, it may have been, but it didn’t feel like it.  I took another break at mile 30, then I was on the home stretch.  I knew I couldn’t go the same way back because I would have fell short of the 40, so I cut through Davies Plantation.  It’s safe and a little further than going down Canada Rd.  It was nice riding through there.  The dogwoods and azaleas are in bloom, so it made for nice scenery.

When I got home, I couldn’t wait to let Abby know how far I went.  I had her guess.  She started at 38, I said no.  She started going down from there (she has a lot of confidence in my, huh).  I told her to think higher and she said 40, so I told her, no, I road 41 miles.  She smiled.  Then said next week I have to do 50.  What a coach!



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