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Half way there April 23, 2009

Posted by goirishgorebels in General.

Today was my big ride day.  I was going for a half-century ride (50 miles).  In order to motivate myself, I told all my kids, nephew’s and niece, wife, in-laws and everyone on Facebook I was going to do 50.  At 40 miles, I was hot and tired, but I couldn’t stop.  What would everyone say if I didn’t do the 50 miles.  So I kept on going and ended up with 51 miles.

The scenery is nice.  There are a couple places where I get to ride over wooden bridges with lake views and a few areas where I get to see the ocean.  It keeps me from getting bored and that’s a good thing.  As I was riding I was thinking that it’s pretty flat here and not a good test.  On the other hand, when it’s flat, you don’t really get a break from pedaling.  Either way, I’m very happy that I set a goal and have met it.  I have just over two months left before the ride and I’m feeling pretty confident I can do this.

I’m gonna ride a few more short rides this week, but I’m gonna spend more time at the beach and pool with the kids for the rest of the trip.



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