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I am so tired of the rain May 4, 2009

Posted by goirishgorebels in General.

Riding bike is becoming addictive.  Either that, or I am feeling the stress about the ride and not getting enough riding done.  I want to ride every day.  I enjoy it, and I get upset when I can’t ride.  The rain is adding to the withdrawals.

I had great plans to ride this weekend.  I was going to ride with the RB’s riders on Saturday and get in 30-40 miles with them.  It rained ALL day Saturday.  When I woke up Sunday, the rain had stopped.  We went to church a little late and went to brunch with some friends.  By 1:30, I was at home checking the weather on line and on the weather channel.  It looked like the rain was going to stay South of us, so I got on the bike.

I made it to the 196 overpass in Galloway and was about 12 miles into the ride.  I crossed paths with another rider heading the opposite direction from me and we exchanged waves.  About 1/4 mile further up, it started to sprinkle, but I could see the rain coming.  It wasn’t too much further and I was completely soaked.  I kept going for four more miles and when I had had just enough of the spray from the road in my eyes and my seat starting to shift, I called Lisa to pick me up.  One day I’ll remember to wear my sunglasses even when it’s not sunny.  At least I would have something to stop the grit from getting in my eyes.

A neighbor ended up coming to the rescue.  You know, I see other riders all the time and never mention it in my blogs, but this guy I mentioned earlier, well, as I was waiting to be rescued, he came riding by me again.  Boy did I feel like a loser.  I got over it by saying to myself, “he had glasses and a nice bike without a loose seat.  I could have kept going if I had the same.”



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