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Relieved May 20, 2009

Posted by goirishgorebels in General.

Like I said in an earlier post, I think this bike riding thing is addictive.  My last ride was six days ago.  I have been a total mess trying to figure out what to do to get my bike fixed.  I got it back today!  Not the mountain bike, but the one Stacy Heck loaned me.  Thank you, Stacy.

It is a road bike!  Before taking it the shop, it needed some new tires and the shifters weren’t working.  I had taken it to a local shop (I won’t say which one) and they told me it would be 200 plus dollars to get fixed, so it sat in my garage.  When my bike started to fall apart, I decided to take it to Bikes Plus to see what it would take to get it going.  With a little good customer service and a few sprays of something, the shifters started to work.  What a relief.

It just so happens, Bike Plus has a riding group that heads out on Tuesday’s so I decided to test the bike out with them.  It took a little getting used to.  The shifters are completely different, your body position is much different and the responsiveness is much more precise.  I did pretty well staying with the group…for the first five miles.  They slowly drifted further away, but I kept going.  I met back up with them at the 12 mile mark and turned around to follow.  I stayed with them for the next nine miles.  It felt good to ride with a group and stay with them.  I think another week on the bike and I should be able to stay with them for the entire ride.  Overall, I got 24 miles in today on the new bike.  Is sure is a relief to get back on the bike.  I have some serious ground to make up.  Thank goodness soccer is over, school is almost out and the weather is going to cooperate.



1. goirishgorebels - May 20, 2009

Hey Biker dude.. Glad you were able to get back on the bike.. I am praying for your safety.. I know you can do this!! Keep on biking!! Love ya.. Biker wife

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