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Catch up June 12, 2009

Posted by goirishgorebels in General.

Ok, it’s been two day and yes, I did ride both day.  Just didn’t get it on here until now. 

I decided to take part of the route we have taken on the Saturday group, so I rode out Donnelson to Hwy 64 and back.  I took a little longer route home to make sure I got the miles in that I wanted and got in 32.  Today, I was planning on going out of the Bartlett Performing Arts.  They usually do about 25 miles or so.  I thought about Bikes Plus and wasn’t sure if they had a ride or not, so I swung by there.  Tony said they had an easy ride, so I decided to go with them.  It was just Tony, myself and another Brian.  The route did end up being much shorter than I had planned, but I did get in 16 miles.  It was a good ride up Memphis Arlington then through Davies and back.  I did get to talk with Tony and he is going to be able to do a tune-up on the bike before I have to hand it over for the trip to Cali.

Going to dinner with my wife tomorrow night so won’t be riding, but will be back on for Saturday.  I’ll be bringing the camera since this is a new route and I hope to have some new pics up later that night.



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