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Ah, two-a-days June 13, 2009

Posted by goirishgorebels in General.

Last night was some storm, huh?  Lots of trees down, branches all over the place and power outages.  Me being the novice rider, I sent an email to the group of riders who normally ride on Saturday to see if we would go out and ride.  Got a couple emails which sounded like we were on.  I wasn’t sure if I wanted to drive downtown (about 25 mile from where we live), but I had never taken the route and it was better than riding by myself.

I was somewhat surprised when I got downtown.  Beautiful skies, a few branches on the ground and only one other rider.  One more showed up so we were a legitimate group.  One of the guys, Chris, had taken this ride before so he knew where to go, so we followed.  It turned out to be a great ride.  We went from downtown Memphis to Shelby Forest and back.  While in Shelby Forest, I had to do one of the big hills, and we did.  I did ok going up it, but it was only about a 1/2 mile hill.  While we were riding down the hill, we heard this crackling sound, then some branches and a thud.  Yep, a tree must have fallen in the forest, and we heard it.  I tried to lead part of the way back to give Chris a break.  I got us lost twice.  Good thing they both had GPS’ with them.

The ride was just over 40 miles.  Good, but I wanted to do some more.  I drove home, took a little break and got back on the bike.  I have to say, when you are riding, it’s better not to stop for a long period of time.  It was much more difficult the second time.  I ended up adding about 18.5 miles, so it was still a pretty good day.

Take a look at some of the pictures along the route.  Thanks Chris and Jeff.  You saved the day.



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