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Still pedaling July 9, 2009

Posted by goirishgorebels in General.

Hi everyone.  I see that there are still some followers of the blog and wanted to say hello. 

What a great time to stay motivated about riding.  After working the last 4 month toward the JDRF ride it would be easy to take a break.  How can you take a break when the Tour de France is going on.  Man, I have a lot of respect for those riders.  I have never followed the Tour before now.  It’s unbelievable how hard, fast, and far these riders go.  It makes me want to get out and ride harder.  Go team Astana.  Go Lance/Contador.

I got the bike back today and went for a ride.  I’ve got it in my head to push myself harder on my rides to help build my speed and get stronger.  It was a good 22 mile ride today.  My plan is to continue riding at least 3 times a week with one ride being a longer ride of 50 miles or more.  I’m committed to continue this and get ready for some other rides.  I also want to work towards a race in September sponsored by the Los Locos club.  They help raise money for the Tug McGraw Foundation which supports research of brain tumors.  Brianna’s soccer coach for the last year heads up the group, so I’m going to see what I can do.  It will be a 2 mile run, then a 15 mile bike ride and ending with another 2 mile run.  I can’t stand running, but it will be fun to be in a race.  I’ve seen how the excersize helps with weight loss too, so that’s an additonal motivator.  I can actually eat and lose weight.

Check back every so often to get updates.  I don’t know if I’ll be updating the blog with every ride, but I will update weekly or every two weeks.  Oh yeah, I’m really wanting a new bike.  I want to make sure that the one I get will be fitted for me so maybe in the next couple months I can get one.  Until then, hopefully I can still use the loner.



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