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A new year begins January 8, 2010

Posted by goirishgorebels in General.

Happy New Year!!!  The new year has started off well.  I got some new winter gear for riding and I’ve already tried them out.  In 40 degree weather, I’m just fine.  I haven’t braved going for a ride when it has been lower.  I will, but not this week.  We’re looking at 20 degree highs.  Yikes!!!

This year has started off moving very quickly.  I was asked how Brianna’s soccer team could help support JDRF this year.  At first, I could only think about the Walk which takes place in October.  Then my crazy brain started firing and the next thing I knew, I was planning a 24 Hour Soccer Marathon for the girls soccer club.  We came up with a great name.  Since her team is Tennessee Rush, we settled on Rush to Cure Diabetes (in line with the Walk to Cure Diabetes and Ride to Cure Diabetes).  There is a lot that goes into coordinating an event like this, and I have never done anything like it before.  I hope it turns out to be a success and raises a lot of money for JDRF.  Keep checking back and I’ll try and make updates.

I do plan on doing another ride this year.  There is a new one in August.  It is in La Crosse, Wisconsin.  We have always wanted to visit the Dells, so maybe the whole family can go.  I took a look at the elevation around the area and it looks pretty tough.  I better start training now and hit the hills hard and frequent.  Keep checking in for updates.



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